Stars who share your zodiac sign

Would you like to have something in common with famous celebrities? Well, maybe you share the same zodiac sign! It would mean your personality can be quite similar! Let’s find out.

Aries (March 21-Apr. 29)
You are such a creative person! You can adapt to any situation as you know that every new experience and challenge brings something rewarding and gives you the chance to learn a lesson. Reese Witherspoon and Michael Fassbender share the same zodiac sign! Unfortunately, your bad side is being impatient. Reese is a charming actress but she also has a problem with controlling her emotions. You probably remember that incident with police when she started an argument and was arrested…

Are you a Taurus? Jamie Dornan and George Clooney share the same zodiac sign! You are energetic, full of life but also very stubborn! Sometimes it’s really hard to deal with you because if you cling to one idea, no one will change your mind. George Clooney is a nice, sympathetic person and he loves having fun which you can see in various photos! As Taurus, you love teaching others, especially in the bedroom where you could spend a lot of time… Does it ring a bell with Jeremy Dornan and his wonderful role of Christian Grey?

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Clever, affectionate, empathetic – it’s you! You’re a big gift of vivid imagination which often leads you to create surprising things. Angelina Jolie who shares your zodiac sign is a charming lady who has a lot of empathy and compassion that made her adopt a couple of children. However, she also tends to have emotional mood swings which probably contributed to her divorce with Brad Pitt… Another inspirational Gemini among stars? Johnny Depp who is one of the most charismatic actors!

As Cancer, you are a tender, intuitive and loyal person. Everyone can rely on you because you couldn’t just refuse help. However, sometimes the way you treat others depends on your mood as one day you can show your empathy, compassion and console everyone who has some problem and the next day you are cold and harsh. Just like Sofia Vergara and Vin Diesel who are also Cancer. Vin seems to be a tough nut to crack. He appears to be strong and fearful but he can be also sensitive. Do you remember when he found out about, Paul Walker, his friend’s death? He couldn’t hide his emotions.


As Leo, you are energetic, full of life and incredibly powerful person. Actually, every Leo could become a star! So no wonder that Ben Affleck and Mila Kunis took advantage of that opportunity and became influential celebrities. Their skills, creativity, and sense of humor enabled them to achieve success. Maybe you could try out the same? After all, as Leo, you are a born-star who just needs some effort, motivation and a little bit of luck to thrive.

You are curious about the word and one of your strongest assets is intuition. You just know what to do because your sixth sense guides you during your life. Did you know that Beyoncé also shares your zodiac sign? No wonder, she can cooperate with others when she’s preparing herself for concerts. However, she also knows when to defend herself and speak her mind. Another star who is a Virgo? Cameron Diaz with whom you would surely get along.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
You are charming, cute and stylish. Just like Will Smith and Kate Winslet! Look at their outfits that they present on a red carpet. They are immaculate and always smiling. Well, as Libra you always pay a lot of attention to the way you look because it just makes you more confident. You are also a very emotional person. Kate Winslet is moved even when her fellow workers receive awards and she is able to celebrate their success without pretending to be happy. You must be the same!

It’s no wonder that as Scorpio you have a complicated personality. Just look at Leonardo Dicaprio. He is struggling to maintain a long-term relationship and he always seems to fail. His personality must be really tricky! Emotional, confident but sometimes too argumentative? This is how Scarlett Johansson can be depicted. As Scorpio, you just love challenges so no matter what you search for them in your life.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 23)

You are definitely an adventure seeker and you don’t notice any drawbacks or obstacles because your optimism doesn’t allow you for that. You are a dreamer too but sometimes you lack patience so not every goal, that you plan, has the chance to succeed because you count on quick results. Brad Pitt and Katie Holmes were also born under Sagittarius and as you can see they also sometimes lack patience because now they are both divorced…

You know how to organize your life because comparing to Sagittarius you have lots of patience so you know how to wait for the results. After all, they always come at the end. You are also a reliable friend who uses their patience to listen and be understanding towards others. Highly philosophical, intuitive, empathetic – your friends must describe you this way. And… you have wonderful hair just like Jared Leto and Orlando Bloom, who share the same zodiac sign as you, especially Jared whose hair is his wonderful attribute.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Cheerful, relaxed and artistic – these three words describe you the best. You never stop developing, instead, you grow and become a better person with every single day. You are also very helpful and philanthropic, just like Jennifer Aniston. After all, she was that person who helped her ex-partner, Brad Pitt, a lot when he broke up with Angelina Jolie. Another example of a star born under Aquarius is Tom Hiddleston If faced with chaos or any problems, he can always manage them somehow.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
No one can call you an egoistic person. You are selfless, honest and reliable, no matter what happens in your life. Sensitive, emotional – that’s you! And others really love these features. Believe it or not but our James Bond, Daniel Craig was born under this zodiac sign. He is still faithful to his wife and now they are awaiting for their first kid! Pisces definitely can count on long-term and successful relationships.

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