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16 Times When People Got Revenge In The Most Vicious Ways

They say “Succes is the best form of revenge, but I’d say revenge is the best Revenge”. It would be immoral to lash out at someone and try to pay the same courtesy of hatred but we are just humans, it’s in our nature, isn’t it? It lies right underneath our skin to take over someone’s bad behavior against us. The one thing that pokes this narcissistic feeling in people’s mind is the ability to think that, just because someone hurts them they feel obligated to do the same. First of all, no one has the right to be a pain in the foot of someone else’s!

And trust me when I say ‘Revenge comes in all shapes and sizes’. Find out more about it in the pictures below.

1. For some reason, kids and food are equal here.

2. This is just too brutal.

3. Way to go, girl, salute!

4. One for all and all for one!


5. I’ve seen people do this, how do live with it?

6. Oh, Katie, you are the future female president!

7. That heartbeat he must be going through.


8. A whole another level of savagery.


9. One reason why I don’t trust canned foods.


10. Many questions in my head but let’s just say, “Congrats”.

11. Of course, it’s the braids!

12. It’s bath day today for all the techs.


13. Hank, you messed with the wrong woman!

14. Haha, this is pretty cool, I must say.

15. What a perfect match, right?

16. Never cheat a tattoo artist.

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